Monday, January 9, 2017

Connecting to WiFi in the hotel

Hi Friends,

Further details on connections in foreign countries and how to avoid unwanted data charges.....

On my April trip to China, I turned off my Cellular Data - as per my last post.

Once I did that, I could not receive any messages, which was great.

When I checked into my hotel, I received the wifi password from the hotel desk and then I did the following:

1) Go back to Settings

2) Find the WiFi option and click on it

3) Just like at home, you will see the available networks so just find the one the hotel told you to use, click on it, enter password details and now you can check your email!

4) When you leave the hotel just turn wifi off to avoid roaming and use the phone as a camera again.

Of course there are international data packages you can purchase, and I know plenty of folks do, but when I'm away from home, I don't want to be talking to everybody online when I could be enjoying the present moment and the place I am visiting, so personally, I do not get online very often when I travel.

There's something to be said for going off the grid!  Very few people do that, but I love it!
Believe it or not, we can all survive without our emails!!!  Shocking, I know... lol :)

As always, phones vary, but play around with this and you will find what works best.

Happy Travels,

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